About Us

We are a team of artisans and craftsmen
who are committed to excellence.


Don Macdonald, Principal

The Symmetry Mosaics team, based in our Noosa warehouse and studio, comprises a group of highly talented and gifted craftsmen who are committed to creating superb art installations.

Don Macdonald is the team’s principal artisan and master mosaic fixer, with over 25 years’ experience in creating mosaic art features. He is well known as being the expert in his field, having trained in Italy on two separate occasions, and attaining his Masters qualification in 2013. Unusually talented with an equal measure of pragmatic realism and artistic ability, Don is known to be uniquely gifted with ‘having the hand’ or the ‘feeling’ for mosaics.

Don is well supported by two senior craftsmen, one of whom also gained his Masters qualification in Italy in 2013. In addition, we have a team of tradesmen and trainees, who lend their skill under Don’s expert supervision. As a team of seven, we have a good grounding to handle large installations with ease.

Don’s project management skills are impeccable. From initial consultation, through to detailed documentation and ongoing work in progress updates, attention to detail is something Don prides himself in, and reinforces in our whole team. Of course, this is absolutely essential to the success of any large scale project, and it’s something we’ve been praised for consistently.

We have the artistic, creative and technical
resources to make your project shine

We are more than just a team of highly skilled artisans. Our alliance partner, Artistic Solutions Group, headed up by Keith Murphy, has an extensive background in fine art management and creative solutions. They have decades of experience in providing creative solutions for clients, and are highly skilled in the arts across multiple media.

We work together to firstly source the right career creatives to produce unique imagery to fulfil the needs of your art installation project, then provide a technical execution and project management that brings this creativity into its own light.


We bring you a world of experience
that makes your art installation unique

Our collaboration of artistic inspiration and technical skill grew from two different worlds of vast experience. Both our companies had the same values though: excellence, service, authenticity, and delivering an outstanding result for our clients.

Symmetry Mosaics formed its roots in nearly three decades of creating fine mosaic art installations for the high end domestic market, through our sister company, The Orchid Group. As a result, Symmetry Mosaics was founded to meet the ever-increasing demand for bespoke mosaic art for public art installations and major architectural developments.

Artistic Solutions Group grew from Keith Murphy’s art representation company, Dreamtime Distribution, which has provided creative solutions across all mediums for their clients for around two decades.  They have access to a vast network of career creatives, and are able to match a creative solution to your needs, with great skill.

Our partner has significant experience in the Australian Indigenous genre, especially with the translation of the genre into other media. In 2014, our two companies formed an alliance, specifically to meet the need of translating Indigenous art into mosaic art installations.

A fusion of creativity and technical excellence

Don and Keith work brilliantly together. Separately they are gifted and successful individuals, but together they create a fusion of creativity and technical excellence. Keith’s extensive experience in the art world, especially with the Australian Indigenous genre and Don’s passion for mosaics forged the first translation of Australian Indigenous fine art into the medium of glass mosaics with stunning results. A range of Indigenous mosaic art installations followed, and the union of two very different worlds brought in a new realm of creative possibilities.

The first significant public art showcase of this collaboration was the three dimensional, $700,000 Indigenous mosaic art installation project for Cairns Regional Council’s Shields Street Heart re-development. An iconic translation of six domestic sized paintings from three local indigenous artists into eight low walls around the landscaped gardens in Shields Street, Cairns totalling 164/m².

Read more about this extensive project in our Projects portfolio.